What’s Our Story?

PACTL began its work of empowering parents and strengthening communities in December of 2006 with key support from the Flintridge Foundation.

After targeted outreach to parents, residents, professionals and practitioners in Altadena and Pasadena, an eight-month long series of workshops and dialogues on the Appreciative Inquiry Approach and transformative leadership led to a core group of parents and professionals who incorporated PACTL as a non-profit organization in December of 2010. 

PACTL is a 501(c) (3) organization; tax ID #27-5264908.


What Makes our Approach Innovative?

We engage Parents and Youth as social innovators and as valued contributors who hold part of the solution.

We promote Family Wellness through family walks and growing organic fruit and vegetables in containers.

We use inclusive engagement, and bilingual, culturally relevant approaches.  

We organize events using generative and positive approaches.

We use graphic facilitation, arts and culture to engage our participants.




pays tribute to our indigenous roots,
and is a Quechua word from the Andes meaning “our home”.